The real estate market is hot again – unless you’re selling a luxury home But if you’re selling in a buyer’s market, your home may not be worth much more than you paid for it. It may even be worth less than you paid-leaving you upside-down in your mortgage. If you’re facing a buyer’s market and you don’t have a hard sell-by deadline, you may want to consider waiting the market out.

Military spouses use remote work extensively as they move from base to base every two to three years. Military spouse Christina Crawford, a top sales representative and a Director for Stampin’ Up, a home-based stamp and craft business, also spoke at the Summit. As she moved from base to base over a 15-year period, Christina continued to work remotely out of her home, picking up more customers and more military spouses who wanted to work as demonstrators on her team.

Since the start of the Hiring 100,000 military spouses campaign, more than 100 companies have either already hired or committed to hire military spouses by 2021.. We have found that remote and flexible work can help bridge the gap for this group of valuable, talented, qualified professionals.

GROW WITH GOOGLE LAUNCHES TOOLS TO HELP military spouses find remote WORK AND START NEW BUSINESSES. Friday, May 10th, Grow with Google announced new tools and resources designed to help.

5 Remote Work Options for Military Spouses. For the military spouse, employment remains the one area that is fairly unpredictable as each new location, station, and country offers different opportunities. But remote work options can help. For military spouses seeking a career that is portable either through telecommuting, transfers,

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Cartwright introduces veterans prosthetics legislation The Wounded Warrior Research Enhancement Act (HR 4587 / S 1466, 115th Congress) requires the Department of Defense (DOD) to establish, fund, and award grants for peer-reviewed research on orthotics and prosthetics for veterans, Armed Services members, and civilians who have suffered traumatic brain injury, amputation, or other severe combat-related injuries.

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Coleman plans Memorial Day parade Find a comprehensive view of events in Coleman for July and August 2019 (updated daily). concerts, sports, arts, live music, nightlife, theatre and comedy shows in Coleman, Michigan.

As many military spouses find out the hard way, the traditional 9 to 5 outside of the home is becoming increasingly difficult. It is a myth that we have no desire to work or pursue our own careers. In fact, military spouses are a very ambitious, compassionate, and driven population of people.

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